About Us

Our Company

TalkAboutIT was founded by former senior managers at F500 companies, and having been on the client side of the analytics industry, we understand the continuous need to drive top- and bottom line results and the complex environment in which corporate decision making takes place.

We are smart, innovative and tech-savvy.

Who we are

A team of experienced professionals

We are a team of customer experience professionals, data scientists, IT and linguistic experts. We will lead you confidently on your journey to understanding what customers care about.

We have embedded our knowledge, experience and passion of NPS, Customer Experience and Data Science in the TalkAboutIT platform. We believe in the value of listening to your customers.

Our Mission

We are focused on making customer experience programs around the world better. With TalkAboutIT, we help business leaders manage their customer experience programs and unlock the value of feedback.

Our Office

30 Stamford Street

The Future Thinking Group

TalkAboutIT is part of the Future Thinking Group - helping clients understand their customers by combining market research and data science to predict customer behaviour. We employ behavioural economics, human understanding, machine learning and advanced analytics to maximise clients’ sales, revenue and ultimately profit.

The Group’s mission is to work alongside brands and businesses, as their long term business partner, to deliver consumer and business intelligence at a tactical and strategic level to drive competitive advantage.

The Group includes Future Thinking with offices in the UK and France.