Increase Your Revenue with Higher Customer Rating Scores

The challenge

Online ratings have become the go-to method to provide customer feedback. Customers of European winter and ski resorts alone leave more than 25,000 monthly reviews on TripAdvisor & Booking.

It is no secret that customer reviews online have tremendous impact over how clients perceive hospitality providers, and engage with them. Negative customer reviews automatically decrease the ratings of properties, which in turn leads to higher vacancy rates and lower revenue.

While previously hotel management had to engage in a costly and tedious process of tracking, collecting and classifying individual reviews in order to address them reactively, automated text analytics provide the hospitality sector with a state-of-the-art alternative offering unmatched benefits.


The alternative

Taking advantage of the proliferation of customer reviews allows hospitality providers to leverage the power of customer feedback to revamp their business processes and offerings. Analytics tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) empower hotel managers to proactively address problem areas, therefore minimizing the risk of poor customer ratings and income loss.

Furthermore, text analytics facilitate an in-depth, data-driven investigation covering all touchpoints of the customer journey – from early booking through check-in to overall experience, turning the content and emotional charge of customer feedback into actionable insights for organizational and financial growth.

For instance, by reviewing customer feedback at the aggregate-level TalkaboutIT, our proprietary text analytics tool, pinpoints customers’ main pain points, as well as areas of satisfaction, therefore, helping hotel management to simultaneously optimize cost-effectiveness and competitiveness. Utilizing advanced text analytics tools such as TalkAboutIT allows hotels to monitor and follow up trends and emerging issues, as well as identify the determinants to become a preferred hotel of choice.


A success story

We used TalkaboutIT to analyze customer reviews of winter ski resorts in Europe. In spite of the constantly shifting nature of customer feedback, we were able to identify the hot topics and trends in hospitality for the given period with 90% accuracy. Utilizing the described TalkAboutIT findings, our hospitality sector partners transformed their winter and ski propositions to best reflect the expectations of their customers. As a result, our partners achieved:

  • Higher ratings on Trip Advisor/Booking
  • Wider reach through marketing communication
  • Significantly increased occupancy rate

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Do People Like Your Brand?

A website called DoPeopleLike can tell you weird and funny things about people’s preference for honey and other things if you type a word in their engine.

But what if your business brand had one engine like this? Would you be interested in knowing how people perceive your brand?

Analysing text both structured and unstructured on social media from customer feedback and so on can be that engine for you.

All that can be found in the new TalkAboutIT text analytics platform.

Sentiment Analysis for Better Service

Businesses exchange or receive emails, comments and posts on social media in huge loads.

But what happens after each request gets handled? Do all businesses measure the success rate or the attitude of clients?

Here’s how a Sentiment analysis for Star Wars , episodes IV,V, and VI look like. Imagine replacing the names of the main characters with the names of your product/service and the ones from your competitors.

That is what text analytics and sentiment analysis can do for you!

TalkAboutIT and Text Analytics

Text Analytics – Unlock the Voice of Your Customers

Text analytics in action. This is how our solution makes this real. TalkAboutIT works around your needs – anything from the text analytics engine to advanced analytics and dashboards is customized to your needs.

It employs Boolean rules and tailored sentiment models that bring about great accuracy tailored to a specific industry.  The added value and experience that you can get out of TalkAboutIT is the fact that this text  analytics platform is backed by text analytics professionals, coding experts and data scientists that can support you in your journey to understanding what customers care about.

It also incorporates topic building & sentiment engines as well as a Dashboard & API integration.


TalkAboutIT can be setup on cloud (SaaS) & also on premise and comes with a suite of value-added services.

Unlike other tools, TalkAboutIT does not require any previous experience in text analytics, linguistics or IT to use.

You can better understand what users of your or competitive products say, what resonates with your customers, what the improvement areas are and how to maximize customer satisfaction.

Companies often receive large amounts of unsolicited feedback via service helplines or e-mail/contact forms. With TalkAboutIT, you can address the issues by quickly understanding the root causes, the key topics which consumers talk about online and act in real time.

Understanding which topics are associated with positive or negative sentiment is yet another powerful tool that TalkAboutIT puts in your hands.

Benchmark vs. competition

Our text analytics engine can also provide inputs for design and training of chatbots. Identify what customers are complaining about and take an immediate action, automate unsolicited feedback processing and save costs.

TalkAboutIT is …



and cost-effective

TalkAboutIT allows for dashboard customization based on business needs. For example, TalkAboutIT will allow you to investigate:

  • Improvement areas (topics) highlighted by your customers
  • How often these topics were mentioned
  • Whether most mentioned topics have changed in time
  • What is the importance of the mentioned topics
  • What is the relationship between each topic frequency of mentions and its sentiment
  • Whether a topic is a strength or a threat for the company

What We Do at TalkAboutIT

What does TalkAboutIT do in text analytics

and sentiment analysis…

At TalkAboutIT we have a team of customer experience professionals, data scientists, IT and

linguistic experts. We will lead you confidently on your journey to understanding what

customers care about.


TalkAboutIT is a ready-to-fire text analytics and sentiment analysis solution and will make it work for you. It travels far and wide and covers more than 15 different languages – English, Spanish, German, French, Mandarin, Arabic, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, etc.

TalkAboutIT will fetch you live business insights from huge bulks of text and if you are in uncharted waters when it comes to text analytics, linguistics or IT you do not need to have any knowledge, TalkAboutIT will guide you through this journey.

We leverage unsolicited feedback left by customers via call centers, e-mail or contact forms. We tap into the endless stream of insights from reviews on Amazon, Yelp! and many other review sites. We will also provide you with insights from open-ended survey questions and gauge the trends in posts, comments, tweets and replies on social media.



Text Analytics Explained

Text analytics explained! What is Text Analytics?

Text analytics explained…Well,  this is a way to extract information from unstructured and semi-structured documents and texts that gives you a more complete view of your business, your customers and competitors.  This method deals with huge bulks of texts and textual data for the purpose of revealing the intentions and sentiment of customers and clients.

Text analytics provides crucial insights that drive enterprise decisions and helps businesses improve.

It can be and is widely employed in tweets, blogs, call centers, newspaper articles, web pages and many more.

Text analytics involves a piece of technology with unique nature that leverages grammar, linguistic knowledge, and math engineering.

You can easily identify the trends and insights that are important for your business or your organization. This analytical method can help you identify issues and pinpoint the factors that make people or customers happy.

In the fast-paced world that we live in today the expectations of your clients continuously rise and rise. If you run a business that gets an average customer experience on a regular basis you are running the risk of getting less and less referrals and recommendations in the coming days. In order to prevent that you have to monitor closely the behavior and experience of your clients and with the power of text analytics you can make more informed decisions on how to improve your business so that it better caters to your clients’ expectations.

With the modern day tools you can easily tell what your customers are talking about over time, which are the positive or negative categories about your business or niche as well as the impact of the category on KPIs like NPS and the different categories related to each other.

If you want to further read and find more information just check this page that sheds more light on text analytics.

TalkAboutIT – The Ready-to-fire Text Analytics Solution

TalkAboutIT is a ready-to-fire text analytics solution

The Ready-to-fire text analytics solution TalkAboutIT will fetch you live business insights from huge bulks of text, reviews, customer feedback & survey data, irrespective of location and language.

TalkAboutIT is a text analytics and sentiment analysis solution that could be deployed in your own or controlled physical location or managed on the cloud (SaaS) that employs AI, Machine Learning, Boolean rules and tailored sentiment models that bring about great precision specific to your industry.

If your customers talk about it this most probably means that they care about it…Now if you listen to them carefully you will know about it and have the opportunity to do something about it.

TalkAboutIT can help you unlock insights from – reviews, customer feedback & survey data. You can dive deeper into it and find what your customers care about. If you further go down that road and analyse customer feedback that comes from various sources irrespective of location and language you will have the chance to take the right steps and approach and propel your business with the help of real-time text and sentiment analytics into a better course of development.

TalkAboutIT will help you:

  • Leverage unsolicited feedback left by customers via call centers, e-mail or contact forms
  • Tap into the endless stream of insights from reviews on Amazon, Yelp! and many other review sites
  • Get your fingers on insights from open-ended survey questions
  • Gauge the trends in posts, comments, tweets and replies on social media