Business Insights

Product & Industry trend identification

Inform and direct upstream and downstream product development

Understand what your customers care about to identify trends and opportunities

Direct upstream product development by pinpointing customer pain points and unmet needs

Evaluate your concepts and products against customer expectations and competitive products

Iterate your products roadmap based on the continuous pulse of the market

Drivers of satisfaction or dissatisfaction

Improve customer service loyalty and retention

Unlock customer conversations about their experiences & understand how your customers engage with your products

Understand which are the drivers satisfaction, improve customer retention and increase profitability

Detect customers at risk and close customer experience gaps

Deliver meaningful engagement to your customers  to improve customer service loyalty

Brand & Marcomm

Increase the ROI of your Brand & Marketing spend

Unlock the voice of the customer in relation to your brand – what customers associate with it and how they feel about it

Understand how your brand’s positioning performs, is it occupying the targeted space and is it resonating with your customers

Tailor your marketing communication strategy & messaging to the specifics of your audience

Track the resonance of you ads and messages and predict the future success of marcomm concepts

Key Opinion Leaders and Influence Mapping

Leverage the KOLs and influencers that matter

KOLs & Influencers are a powerful marketing channel – pick the right ones to recruit as your ambassadors

Identify KOLs and Influencers based on the size & type of audience they reach

Develop an effective KOL engagement strategy in line with the image attributes you are looking to associate with

Understand in depth what KOLs and Influencers speak about and how they discuss your brand and products