Next Level of Text Analytics

The ability to quickly and easily analyse text is not the only strength of TalkAboutIT. While developing the tool we always had advanced users in mind as well. We have added optional analytical features which will be of great value to a seasoned veteran who would like to take Text Analytics to the next level.

1. Sentiment override: the function allows the user to change the value of the Sentiment score of comments captured by specific rules. Sometimes, the question of the survey is sentiment bearing, and we need to account for that. For example:

  • Question: What can we do to improve our services?
  • Answer: Nothing!


  • Question: What do you like most about our company?
  • Answer: Nothing!

Both questions have the same answer, but one of them is very positive the other very negative. With TalkAboutIT you can use rules and metadata filters to ensure this text is coded accurately.

2. Metadata filters: Allows the user to write rules that work only if the correct Metadata is pertinent to the text. For example, in the Topic for Internet speed you will specifically exclude all comments that are from Mobile Internet Surveys/Questions to avoid any false positives.

3. User specified exports: TalkAboutIT has advanced export functionality that allows the user to select what data to be exported. The system can export both the original data that was imported in the system, but can also export the raw outputs from the Text Analytics. The outputs include the texts, relevant metadata, the relevant categories, and the sentiment. Exporting the output allows the user to modify or deep-dive in the data using alternative software for statistical and data analysis. Moreover, GemSeek has extensive experience with Data Analytics and can help you extract additional value from your data by deploying advanced data science models.

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