TalkAboutIT – The Ready-to-fire Text Analytics Solution

TalkAboutIT is a ready-to-fire text analytics solution

The Ready-to-fire text analytics solution TalkAboutIT will fetch you live business insights from huge bulks of text, reviews, customer feedback & survey data, irrespective of location and language.

TalkAboutIT is a text analytics and sentiment analysis solution that could be deployed in your own or controlled physical location or managed on the cloud (SaaS) that employs AI, Machine Learning, Boolean rules and tailored sentiment models that bring about great precision specific to your industry.

If your customers talk about it this most probably means that they care about it…Now if you listen to them carefully you will know about it and have the opportunity to do something about it.

TalkAboutIT can help you unlock insights from – reviews, customer feedback & survey data. You can dive deeper into it and find what your customers care about. If you further go down that road and analyse customer feedback that comes from various sources irrespective of location and language you will have the chance to take the right steps and approach and propel your business with the help of real-time text and sentiment analytics into a better course of development.

TalkAboutIT will help you:

  • Leverage unsolicited feedback left by customers via call centers, e-mail or contact forms
  • Tap into the endless stream of insights from reviews on Amazon, Yelp! and many other review sites
  • Get your fingers on insights from open-ended survey questions
  • Gauge the trends in posts, comments, tweets and replies on social media



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