Increase Your Revenue with Higher Customer Rating Scores

The challenge

Online ratings have become the go-to method to provide customer feedback. Customers of European winter and ski resorts alone leave more than 25,000 monthly reviews on TripAdvisor & Booking.

It is no secret that customer reviews online have tremendous impact over how clients perceive hospitality providers, and engage with them. Negative customer reviews automatically decrease the ratings of properties, which in turn leads to higher vacancy rates and lower revenue.

While previously hotel management had to engage in a costly and tedious process of tracking, collecting and classifying individual reviews in order to address them reactively, automated text analytics provide the hospitality sector with a state-of-the-art alternative offering unmatched benefits.


The alternative

Taking advantage of the proliferation of customer reviews allows hospitality providers to leverage the power of customer feedback to revamp their business processes and offerings. Analytics tools powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) empower hotel managers to proactively address problem areas, therefore minimizing the risk of poor customer ratings and income loss.

Furthermore, text analytics facilitate an in-depth, data-driven investigation covering all touchpoints of the customer journey – from early booking through check-in to overall experience, turning the content and emotional charge of customer feedback into actionable insights for organizational and financial growth.

For instance, by reviewing customer feedback at the aggregate-level TalkaboutIT, our proprietary text analytics tool, pinpoints customers’ main pain points, as well as areas of satisfaction, therefore, helping hotel management to simultaneously optimize cost-effectiveness and competitiveness. Utilizing advanced text analytics tools such as TalkAboutIT allows hotels to monitor and follow up trends and emerging issues, as well as identify the determinants to become a preferred hotel of choice.


A success story

We used TalkaboutIT to analyze customer reviews of winter ski resorts in Europe. In spite of the constantly shifting nature of customer feedback, we were able to identify the hot topics and trends in hospitality for the given period with 90% accuracy. Utilizing the described TalkAboutIT findings, our hospitality sector partners transformed their winter and ski propositions to best reflect the expectations of their customers. As a result, our partners achieved:

  • Higher ratings on Trip Advisor/Booking
  • Wider reach through marketing communication
  • Significantly increased occupancy rate

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