TalkAboutIT and Text Analytics

Text Analytics – Unlock the Voice of Your Customers

Text analytics in action. This is how our solution makes this real. TalkAboutIT works around your needs – anything from the text analytics engine to advanced analytics and dashboards is customized to your needs.

It employs Boolean rules and tailored sentiment models that bring about great accuracy tailored to a specific industry.  The added value and experience that you can get out of TalkAboutIT is the fact that this text  analytics platform is backed by text analytics professionals, coding experts and data scientists that can support you in your journey to understanding what customers care about.

It also incorporates topic building & sentiment engines as well as a Dashboard & API integration.


TalkAboutIT can be setup on cloud (SaaS) & also on premise and comes with a suite of value-added services.

Unlike other tools, TalkAboutIT does not require any previous experience in text analytics, linguistics or IT to use.

You can better understand what users of your or competitive products say, what resonates with your customers, what the improvement areas are and how to maximize customer satisfaction.

Companies often receive large amounts of unsolicited feedback via service helplines or e-mail/contact forms. With TalkAboutIT, you can address the issues by quickly understanding the root causes, the key topics which consumers talk about online and act in real time.

Understanding which topics are associated with positive or negative sentiment is yet another powerful tool that TalkAboutIT puts in your hands.

Benchmark vs. competition

Our text analytics engine can also provide inputs for design and training of chatbots. Identify what customers are complaining about and take an immediate action, automate unsolicited feedback processing and save costs.

TalkAboutIT is …



and cost-effective

TalkAboutIT allows for dashboard customization based on business needs. For example, TalkAboutIT will allow you to investigate:

  • Improvement areas (topics) highlighted by your customers
  • How often these topics were mentioned
  • Whether most mentioned topics have changed in time
  • What is the importance of the mentioned topics
  • What is the relationship between each topic frequency of mentions and its sentiment
  • Whether a topic is a strength or a threat for the company

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