Champions League Final 2019 Text Analytics

Champions League Final 2019

We applied TalkAboutIT’s text processing power to get into the hearts and minds of Liverpool and Tottenham fans as they were following UEFA Champions’ League Final. In under 24 hours, we processed a representative sample of over quarter a million Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts about the final game, posted from May 27th to June 3rd to extract key topics, fan sentiment and other curious insights about the experience of the social media active fans pre-, during and post-match. Dive into our findings below or download the infographic.


Team and Coaches Praise Index_1
While Jürgen Klopp is the biggest winner from Saturday’s game in the eyes of fans, Tottenham supporters are more disappointed in their coach, rather than the team performance in general.
* In these charts we provide Indexed Sentiment.  This is a metric that ranks social media users sentiment towards the players on a relative scale from 0 to 100 (0 – lowest possible sentiment of all scores, 100 – highest).

TalkAboutIT quickly turns big volumes of messy, unstructured consumer talk into insights you can actually put a number on and then act to make customers happy. The platform automatically extracts the emotion attached to each phrase. This allowed us to understand how people feel about the game on a granular level – which players or coaches are the heroes or the zeros of Sunday’s game or what were the heart-stopping moments that got fans on their feet.

Accurate sentiment analysis can be applied to understanding better your customers’ experience, especially for industries with large client base like banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail.


Fans Praise Index
Ranking of players from the most praised by fans to the ones who disappointed fans the most. Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino have won the hearts and minds of the fans.

TalkAboutIT allocates sentiment to social media posts and other types of free text with an accuracy of over 80%. The Sentiment Engine is an aggregation of proprietary algorithms and leading 3rd party providers technology. The combined approach reduces overall error and allows for fine tuning based on the customer’s needs.


text analytics sentiment
The average sentiment for both Liverpool and Tottenham dropped during the second half of the game. The negative emotions disappeared after the game, with mentions of Liverpool skyrocketing in positivity.


Geo Sentiment upd
Fans in Madrid were most positive in their excitement. While understandably the mood was gloomy in Tottenham, fans who experienced the game live on the spot were most enthusiastic in sharing their emotions.

Consumer experience is not static and you cannot measure it only a few times a year. It is changing and impacted by different things at different times. It is important to understand how excited or disappointed your customers real-time, especially if you are in a dynamic market like fashion & apparel or online publishing.

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key topic text analytics
The most important conversation topics about Mohamed Salah and Jurgen Klopp and their size.

TalkAboutIT detects topics automatically and assigns phrases to relevant categories with an accuracy of over 90%, giving us a genuine picture of what specific aspects of their favourite teams’ performance people actually care about. Topic categorization powered by our proprietary machine learning models gives you actionable insights to be used across CX, Marketing and Global Data & Analytics Departments.

IMPACT 3™ Score

We can even help you understand the ROI Impact of each key topic related to your business. Our Impact 3™ Score machine learning algorithm ranks topics by their effect on customer satisfaction, allowing you to focus on the most important areas of product functionalities, customer service, etc.


Volume Overtime
We investigated how the volume and sentiment of conversations changes during the game and how certain events, such as scoring a goal, contribute to spikes or dips in the conversations.

Understanding how your customer’s sentiment or interest changes over time can give you a better view of seasonality or other trends and help you anticipate certain aspects of consumer behaviour.

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The real power of text analytics to impact your top-line growth lies in the details. Let us help you build a customised model that allows you to understand your problem and opportunity areas and, most importantly, which of them will have the biggest impact on your business. Sign up today and get free personalised consultation on how you can leverage your existing data.


Inspirational Story
Video blogger Simon Wilson bought a car for £40 and drove to the final in Madrid. He filmed his trip with friends and got a total of over 3 million views.

TalkAboutIT gives you the voice of the customer, genuine and unbiased, through the power of text analytics.

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