Text Analytics Explained

Text analytics explained! What is Text Analytics?

Text analytics explained…Well,  this is a way to extract information from unstructured and semi-structured documents and texts that gives you a more complete view of your business, your customers and competitors.  This method deals with huge bulks of texts and textual data for the purpose of revealing the intentions and sentiment of customers and clients.

Text analytics provides crucial insights that drive enterprise decisions and helps businesses improve.

It can be and is widely employed in tweets, blogs, call centers, newspaper articles, web pages and many more.

Text analytics involves a piece of technology with unique nature that leverages grammar, linguistic knowledge, and math engineering.

You can easily identify the trends and insights that are important for your business or your organization. This analytical method can help you identify issues and pinpoint the factors that make people or customers happy.

In the fast-paced world that we live in today the expectations of your clients continuously rise and rise. If you run a business that gets an average customer experience on a regular basis you are running the risk of getting less and less referrals and recommendations in the coming days. In order to prevent that you have to monitor closely the behavior and experience of your clients and with the power of text analytics you can make more informed decisions on how to improve your business so that it better caters to your clients’ expectations.

With the modern day tools you can easily tell what your customers are talking about over time, which are the positive or negative categories about your business or niche as well as the impact of the category on KPIs like NPS and the different categories related to each other.

If you want to further read and find more information just check this page that sheds more light on text analytics.

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